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We would like to represent you modified chemically dispersed silica – “Quartz” (TU 245810-001-50618596-2000), developed on the basis of updated technologies with use of unique equipment and meant for high-performance use in oil production, beginning from protection of productive zone during the time of primary drilling and finishing by the tertiary methods to influence to the zone.

The technology of production is patented (Patent RF No.2152903, priority dated 17.09.99). The product is manufactured in accordance with TU 245810-001-50618596-2000 with changes No. 1-3 on the unit with total capacity 50 tons per year (town of Aznakaevo RT), certified on conformity TEK RU.XП03.245810.00160 and included into Register “List of chemical products, coordinated and accepted for use in oil sphere” dated 16.06.2004.

Presented to your attention product has different modifications with number of characteristics from superhydrophilic to superhydrophobic ones and used successfully in composition of different suspensions and emulsions for physical and chemical influences in oil formations with aim to increase oil production and intensification of flow rate along all stages of oil production.

In the process of running technologies with use of product “Quartz” they use standard oil production equipment. Technologies are used in wide range of geological and technical conditions in different types of reservoirs in developed multipay wells with different flowing rates.

Basic rates of product:



______________loose powder from white to gray-yellow color.
Hydrophobic rate: ____5 – 99,9%
Apparent density: ____40-200
Dimension of grains:___10-50 nm*
Effective contact angle of surface wetting, treated with
hydrophobic “Quartz”:_____________156-168º
Specific area: 120-400m2 per 1g
*-certificate data of manufacture-suppliers of rawmaterials MDK “Quartz”- increases the oil mobility and reduces the mobility of the water in specific mining and geological conditions.

Different modifications of MDK “Quartz” change its interreaction with formation fluids in reservoir;

With having MDK “Quartz” absorbed on the surface of the carbonate reservoir it can increase hydrophobicity to some rates and equally reduce the dissolving rate by acid; MDK “Quartz” can clean pores of terrigenous reservoir and change the BHD zone and change direction of capillary forces;

MDK “Quartz” increases relative permeability in water-flooded zones;

MDK “Quartz” neutralizes energetic reaction to flowing fluid current in formation, resulting from clayey parts of terrigenous formations, devone in the development process; MDK “Quartz” increases coverage by displacement in reaction with formation fluids of circulated zones;

With primary drilling in combination with gel phase of circulation fluid MDK “Quartz” provides conditions for making strong not too deep hydrophobic calmatation cake, which prevents penetration of filtrates and components of drilling and cementing slurries into the oil formation in the future stages of the construction of the wells;

Absorbed on the surface of clay MDK “Quartz” in the drilling process creates hydrophobic barrier, preventing contact with filtrates, reduces sharply the rate of their hydration and caving formation.

MDK “Quartz” improves thixotropic characteristics of circulation fluid.

*** Technology for strengthening of well walls in drilling RD 153-39.0-370-2004, Patent 2153572

PURPOSE: drilling of wells and primary drilling of productive formations with simultaneous waterproofing of the whole range of permeable rock with use of hydrophobic MDK “Quartz”.

PERMITS: to keep natural reservoir characteristics of productive formations in BHD and outlying zones; to prevent complications in drilling (loss circulation of drilling mud, oil-gas-water recovery, cavings); to reduce caving (thickness of gel cake is not more than 4mm); to reduce the time and expenses for completion of the well.

EFFECTIVENESS: average production rate of the wells is increasing to 1,7-2,3 times, specific productivity rate per 1 meter of oil saturated thickness of productive zone to 3,0-3,6 times, penetration perfection rate to 2,4times, water production reduces to 2,6times.

*** Technology for isolation of cross flows (SIV-1, SIV-2) RD 39-2671699-013-2001, Patent RF No. 2195546

PURPOSE: creation of strong waterproofing screen by pumping complex solution and use of filtrates and design of borehole equipment in construction or workover jobs.

PERMITS: in productive wells: to isolate cross flows (lower and upper formation fluids, bottom waters, pumped waters) of productive wells; to reduce production of water; before completion jobs to keep the natural productivity of oil saturated formations and extend the waterless period of production;

In injection wells: to eliminate annular circulation and provide with productive use of displacement agents.

EFFECTIVENESS: With running workover jobs (SIV-1) in producing wells with having water flows isolated, the additional production is more than 800 tons per 1well/ average daily increase of production rate of oil 2,4ton/day; in injection wells after elimination of behind casing cross-flows the unproductive pumping is decreased upon average from 80-85% of general volumes to 5-7%, and daily increase of oil for 1 well/ from 2,0 to 3,2 ton/day. With construction of wells (SIV-2) with preliminary isolation of bottom water flows the average water production is getting lower to 30,6% in compare with the basic rates.

*** Technology on increasing the coverage by displacement of water-flooded layers with use of complex viscoelastic injection system (KVUSN) RD 39-2671699-012-2001, Patent RF No. 2195546

PURPOSE: increase of oil production rates thanks for use of flows-deflection technology and entrainment of fluids into the coverage process with displacement of flooding with use of additives and materials (KVUSN), providing with multiphase system in interwell space of productive formations.

PERMITS: to have stable and movable multiphase screen in interwell space, to increase flow coefficient of flooded zones of formation and to influence to formation fluids selectively; redistribute filtration flows in formation and cover by flooding with involvement into the process of oil recovery out of low-permeable interlayers.

Even with high rate of permeability 1000 m3/day MPa and higher ones it is needed to run more than 2 cycles with relatively low volumes of pumped additives (50-80m3).

EFFECTIVENESS: Additional production is more than 1740 tons per 1 well/., average daily increase of oil from 2,1 to 3,7 ton/day. Unproductive pumping (according to operation of water injection station) reduces to 2,3 times. The effect will be during 2 years.

***Technology on deep acid treatment of oil saturated carbonate formations with use of MDK RD 39-2671699-015-2001, Patent No.2152903, 2149989

PURPOSE: increase of BHD zone productivity of oil saturated carbonate formation upon restoration of natural reservoir characteristics and building a new porous structure in carbonate formation by dissolving acid carbonate compounds.

PERMITS: to run deep treatment along the whole thickness of formation; to exclude penetration of pumping acid to the water-oil contact zone and entry of formation water into the BHD of productive well, to reduce multiply the corrosion probability of cement column upon preliminary treatment of BHD zone by acid- and water-resistant hydrophobic material MDK “Quartz”.

EFFECTIVENESS: Additional production rate is more than 700 tons well/treatment, average daily increase of oil production 119%. Average duration of effect is 10,9 months. The more successful treatments are treatments of wells with water flooding rate up to 70%.

***Technology on treatment of BHD zone of productive injection wells by suspension MDK RD 153-39.0-440-2006, Patent RF No. 2152903, 2125649

PURPOSE: treatment of BHD zone of productive and injection wells, permitting to retread and keep their production rate (permeability), to reduce water flooding of the products.

PERMITS: to intensify the production rate of oil upon adsorption of fine-dispersed system with hydrophobic features on the walls of porous channels; to change relative permeability of oil and water; to reduce hydrodynamic drag force in filtration and hydrocarbon movement.

EFFECTIVENESS: Additional production is more than 780 tons per well/treatment; average daily increase of oil production rate is 82%. Average duration of effect is 16 months. The treatments with 70 to 98% water-flooding are more successful. With correspondent flow coefficients of the formation The water flow is limited with correspondent filtration characteristics of the formation.

In addition, the product “Quartz”, but above mentioned technologies, may be used actively in the following ways:

  • Getting anticorrosive superhydrophobic coverings
  • Preparation of lubricant, washing substances, plastic lubricant and others
  • Providing hygroscopic construction materials with water resistance characteristic.
  • Prevention polymer materials from caking in grading and storing.

Attention! Area of application of product “Quartz” in other spheres is not searched. We would like to invite you to cooperate with us The certificate on conformance.